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Integrated Experience

All-module summary dashboard for executives to manage every aspect of the business, from item initiation to store-level activity. Each step in the production flow incorporates detailed timelines and checkpoints for action.

Sales Force Management

Allocate, Track, Supervise and Manage tasks efficiently, to optimize performance for supplier partners, creating avenues to provide proactive and intensive customer visuals that offer key insights to focus areas for ROI growth.

Promotional Activities & Calendar

Design, Evaluate and Execute a promotional playbook that will efficiently align activities with smart calendar capabilities. Evaluate the impact of casing and item production when projecting promotional sell-through rate and inventory need.


Manage advanced analytics on POS, Inventory, and Forecasting data to ensure SKU level optimization both in-store and online. Productivity KPIs are assessed on a daily basis to ensure that root cause indicators are captured and tracked, allowing for a real-time gauge on measures to boost SKU performance.


Food & Beverage

Beer, Wine & Spirits

Consumer Products

Retail Services


Rolling Activity


POS Integration

Integrated Dashboard

Advanced promotional calendar

Follow-Ups, Schedules & Workflows

Project trackers and alerts

Partner integration and management

Perceptive Analytics


All of our Platforms are developed using cloud technology, which is highly cost effective and scalable to support thousands of SKUs.

An analyst with extensive experience with multiple accounts is dedicated to each account.

Dedicated resource for Fill Rate Evaluation, WOS Planning, Inventory assessment at the store level, sales breakdown and Product Line Review (PLR).

Suggestions to Increase sales based on reporting from KPI standpoint.

Key Benefits

One of the main benefits of using Wonder Sales 360 degree software is that it enables users to gain access to multiple areas of business, such as customer information, invoices, and various data. This added integration plays a crucial role in helping managers become more productive and gain access to vital information in real-time.

Another advantage of using Wonder Sales 360 degree is that it is a cost-effective solution that can significantly reduce the costs related to inventory and managing information. Each department is able to gain access to a central database, which makes it much easier to handle large amounts of data without worrying about multiple data centers. This increase in efficiency will help reduce operational costs and makes it much easier to track inventory.

The use of this innovative software plays a vital role in strategic planning and helping managers pinpoint a target market. This software also allows managers to gain immediate access to important information that can expedite the decision-making process and help significantly improve productivity.

Wonder Sales 360 degree software allows businesses to have greater control of finances, which makes it much easier to boost profits and reduce any unnecessary expenses. These cost savings can quickly add up over an extended period of time and makes the investment in an ERP system well worth it for any organization.

The development of this software allows your managers to view organizational performance in a wide range of areas. A management team can easily see an individual performance and identify any areas of improvement. Ultimately, this software can play an important role in improving employee performance and helping your business reach its full potential.

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