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VTS runs cloud-based 'Data Analysis' software that collects your entire retail data automatically. Impactful graphical analytics will have your company seeing results.


VTS is a multi-faceted software-as-a-service (SAS) service provider that specializes in offering production-to-sales analytics for suppliers.

Our organization offers a hybrid model of business intelligence tools and seasoned analysts to review the business from end-to-end.

Advanced solutions

Using the business analytics tool, get your dashboard and reports quick and easy

As a result, you will have the tools you need when strategizing your forecasting needs

Clients' success

VTS is working for the common goal of its clients’ success. We will become a part of your company, aligning our goals in line with yours and assuring our collaboration that will result in beating challenges and meeting targets.

Expert Support

Our expert business intelligence suite allows our analysts to take the guess work away.

Features That Set Us Apart

Market Analysis to Identify Key Trends

Measure Sell-through Rate

Understand the ratio of sold-to-distributed product to grasp the effect of its promotion. New opportunities will emerge as our analysts highlight the best store list to focus on.

Inventory Optimization

Know the locational preference of your hot-selling items to help you meet the store level demand.

Cost Analysis

Get the profit and loss components at store-level. Understanding the cost of sales, promotions, and special deals help you formulate winning strategies.

Cost Analysis

Supply On Time

Error-free Coordination

Plan error-free strategies for demand and supply coordination to fit exactly into buyers' needs. Cluster your data for trends in geography, plan-o-gram and store velocity.

2-Step Distribution

Get the elementary details of sales data, start from manufacturing to distribution to point of sales. Each step from starting to ending is evaluated. It is the retail compass to rely on for your most benefits.

Ship-out data process

From opportunities to threat, 'Ship-out data process' gives you upper hand for cannibalized sales over your competitors.

Promotional Sell-Through Tracking

Error-free Coordination

Monitor inventory based on sales velocity for gap identification. Have the flexibility to toggle projected sales lift percentage to increase calculating demand accuracy.

Inventory Shortage Push reporting

Pushing inventory into the needed stores at the right rate is a science. Whether it is post disaster analysis for your storm skus or refilling side stacks for flash sales, our analysts will get you to that exact number without fear of excess inventory.

Our analysts are familiar speaking with retailers and will help develop a collaborative relationship that will result in success for all parties.

Along with the customized dashboard, our excel reporting can be tailored exactly for submitting visuals to your senior management or meeting your buyer.

Save your spending on analysts. Raw EPOS data converted into graphical insights helps you take decisions at right time.

Get the power of our 'expert analysts and graphical analytics' that will give you distinct views for your easy decisions.

Brilliant automation allows you to save over-spending on human resources.

Access into analytics application anytime anywhere. Compatible with simple web browser and mobile devices.

Compare attributes such as retailer, brand, category, geography, UPC, etc. by simply drag and drop. You will get clear view of current level and desired level.

Reduce your demand-supply gap and increase your merchandise and profit.

Retailers Recognized. Suppliers Trusted.

Retailers often recommend us to their suppliers because of our clear fulfilling retailers expectations. Suppliers entrust us to continue adding value to their companies with our predicative ideas and innovative advices.


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