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Monday-Friday 7 am – 5 pm

Focused based assistance with item setups, marketing data, reporting and data analytics services.

 Focused customer service, insights that are on track with your business and solution driven feedback.

Most services are set up and integrated into our processes in about a week. Some customers take longer due to system access and historical data needs.

Project based and annual agreements are available. Once we discuss your needs and challenges we will create a game plan specific to your business.

Customer Service is our number one objective. Simply pick up the phone and call– we are here to help right away.

Never! We welcome calls and encourage conversation, goals and feedback.

Depending on the complexity, reporting and analytical requests are turned around within 24 hours. When your request is submitted your analyst will discuss your request and return an approximate ETA to accommodate yourneeds. Marketing and content requests are fast-tracked due to the nature of web and sales visibility. Your request is handled as quickly as possible with a ETA delivered at the time of request.

In a constant changing world upgrades and improvements are always necessary. Your analyst will work with you to offer new solutions to your business as your needs change.