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Get Product data in one place, connected, formatted and validated for all of your retailers

How Can Product Information Management Help Your Business Grow?


Easy Import

Eliminate manual data entry through multiple import options and handle multiple data types (.xls, .xslx .csv, .xml and .JSON)..


Capture data in multiple ways such as Data feed, third party API, spreadsheet upload.

Manage & Enrich

Pre-built taxonomy

Increase product search results by leveraging our industry-embedded taxonomy that ensures you're providing the right product information.

Map your product content with retailer’s templates

Our systems help you to connect your data with retailer’s specific requirements based on the names of your attributes and structure of your data.


Validate with Retailer’s specific requirements

Systems provide real time feedback if your product passes or fails validation and how you can fix it.


Once your data passes validation, prepare your data for export to retailer systems in one click.

The Difference Is In The Details


Give a clear view of completeness across product ranges, and with the power to handle unlimited SKUs

Asset management

With unlimited storage, you can manage, transform, and distribute your assets across all recipients with ease

Administrative controls

Control your brand with oversight on what data is sent to your different recipients

Totally searchable

Across all channels

Cloud based tool

Fully supported SaaS hosted system for peace of mind


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