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Retail Content Management - Workload Collaboration

Multi-channel retailers recognize the importance of accurate Retail Content, but with tens of thousands of product pages added to their website everyday by hundreds of different vendors, it’s nearly impossible to monitor all of the data. Many of these retailers are utilizing GDSN Solution Providers to help streamline the accuracy of the vendors data.

Vendor Team Services knows that YOU are the experts of your retail products, so let US be the experts of your Retail Content! Our focus is to work directly with the Retailer, Solution Provider and our customer to gather the needed information and walk your items through the entire process from start to finish. Over time, we have built up solid relationships with various retailers and we pride ourselves on the fact that these relationships have helped to speed up the item set up processes for our customers. Vendor Team Services has worked hard over the years to work closely with various retailers to understand their item set up process inside and out. Knowing the process and where to go for assistance is crucial.

What the VTS RCM Team can do for you…

GDSN Publications

Work directly within your selected Solution Provider to validate GDSN data and create successful publications to specified Retailer.

Marketing Data

Collaborate with our Customer to gather marketing data that is required by specific Retailer. This includes Category Attributes, Images, Videos and various PDF instruction guides to ensure your items presence is robust on website.

Maintenance and Consulting

VTS will perform maintenance on any existing item as requested based on your RCM contract.(Rates may vary)

Bundle Services

In addition to our RCM services, VTS offers extensive Analytics reporting. Talk to us today about bundling these two services and give your company peace of mind knowing your data is in the hands of the experts.

Competitive Rates

We offer Annual Contracts and Project based contracts that will be suitable for your business needs. These contracts can cover multiple retailers in both the US and Canada as requested.


Vendor Team Service provides solutions that meet the diverse needs of the Auto Parts, CPG/Retail, Home improvements, Foodservice, Healthcare, and DIY/Hardliners industries through our technology platform and expert services and in turn empowering intelligent choices for purchases, wellness, and lifestyle decisions.

Our team can develop the perfect service package for your company’s needs whether you need special requests or full service. Our consultation includes listening to what you are currently experiencing and make it our first priority to quickly make positive suggestions to get your numbers going in the right direction.


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