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Advanced Analytics & Dashboards

Our knowledgeable, retailer-process driven initiatives make Vendor Team Services uniquely suited to enhancing your business model by coupling innovative technological automation of granular data with intuitive human analysis to generate boardroom-ready reporting and presentations in order to enhance retailer-vendor relationships.

KPI-focused models and dashboards create dynamic presentations while our macro and micro strategies transform overwhelming granular data into a powerful, visual, easy-to-use foundation for day-to-day marketing, sales, and inventory planning.

All reporting is stored on our 24/7 document manager which will allow you to organize your reports by retailer.

Unlock the power of technology and the cognitive insight of Vendor Team Services’ fifteen years of retail analytic experience and put a powerful tool to work for your business.

Unlocking the Puzzle

Product Content Management Workload Collaboration

Strategy is what our PCM team is all about as they are dedicated to streamlining efficiency and increasing speed to market for your products. How they are visible to the customer and how they are entered into the Solution Providers website are all critical to marketing data initiatives. Our team will be available to guide you through the initial registration within the PCM environment and Global Registry. Your product content analyst will help explain the acronyms and terminology used to simplify data transfer from vendor to Vendor Team Services and assist in mediating between to Product Information and Merchandising Teams. Our benefits of our PCM team include:

  • Verification and linking of item Barcode hierarchies within Solution Providers website
  • Publication of item data from Solution Provider website to Retailers specific site or solution provider
  • Communication and corrective action on item issues once items have been transmitted from your GDSN provider to PCM
  • Completing VQT Sheets, including Marketing Data (MDS) or SmarSheets (Edgenet) for Retailer’s.com, and information required for item set up
  • Uploading digital assets to Edgenet or Retailer specific sites such as images, MSDS sheets, instructions manuals, warranty guides etc.
  • Maintenance and required changes to existing items already in PCM and on Retailer’s.com