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New Day – New Vision

Vendor Team Services provides you all the benefits of having an analyst team without the costs associated with internal employees.  Taking the automation and expertise of Big Data and combining it with the experience of a granular-level company, we are ready to take weekly numbers and make them work for you.  Our sales department can develop the perfect service package for your company’s needs whether you need special requests or full service.  We pride ourselves in being just a direct phone call away to hear your concerns and quickly get you a solution.

We are that missing piece you need!

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Easy-to-use:  Our service doesn’t require programming knowledge, advanced spreadsheet software know-how, or time-consuming training to master – it’s driven by intuitive dashboard reports that are powerful, versatile, yet easy to navigate.

Increase Productivity:  Our service facilitates business decision making by providing access to all key sales and inventory reports.  Our teams use formulas and data filters to synthesize the numerical data into relevant metrics.  The resulting reports highlight high-performance areas and can quickly draw attention to slow moving items or stock-out situations.  Charts and other visual mediums are employed to easily identify trends that may otherwise be difficult to distinguish.

Improve Sales, In-stock and Sell-through Performance:  Our custom and pre-built reports will show you which items are selling, which are not, and what stores are out of stock for each of your items.

Eliminate Manual Data Handling:  Gathering data from your retail customers each week and turning it into a cohesive tool can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Our service replaces the manual work with automated processes that accept EDI 852, Vendor Portal, Excel Sheets, and other POS data.  The information is stored automatically in our secure database where our team of analysts translates it into coherent, boardroom-ready information for day-to-day marketing or sales & inventory planning.

Don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have to say…

“VTS can take a vision and make a report that makes sense.”

DP Manager, Lowe’s Business Support

“Laura and her team have helped us solidify our relationship and grow our business at Lowe’s by providing us with real-time data and insightful ongoing analysis that enables us to stay ahead of the curve. They operate like our own IT department providing us with all the tools necessary to identify trends and changes in our retail performance necessary to maximize the performance of our sets.”


“Working with Vendor Team Services has been a great experience. Their services have made working with Lowe’s considerably easier. When Lowe’s had indicated that all new items were required to go through PCM process, we were in a panic. Thankfully VTS was there to help me out and solve our problem. Their work is exceptional and accurate. It truly is a pleasure to work with VTS. Keep up the good work and thank you for making our life easier to work with Lowe’s!!! ” 

JF, Field Sales Manager Canada

“Vendor Team Services has been extremely dependable when we’ve needed assistance with Lowe’s. They have the most talented people in the business and know Lowe’s! We can trust them to handle any Lowe’s request we send them. They have dedicated teams for Lowe’s PCM, DART report analysis and even the new TradeStone Import Logistics software. They are our one-stop shop for any Lowe’s related projects. I highly recommend VTS for any vendor that needs help, big or small, with their Lowe’s system requirements.” 

TS, Account Director

“VTS is a must have, for proper business management and achieving success with Lowe’s! Chuck and the VTS team are simply the best.”

HB, National Sales Director

“I have had the opportunity to work with VTS for many years. My experience has been nothing but outstanding. VTS is always eager to help me with whatever request I need. VTS offers solutions to help me make better decisions as I manage Lowe’s. Jason is always available and responds to my requests very quickly. The reports VTS provide are very helpful and needed in managing my Lowe’s business.”

CW, Director Lowe’s

“For the past ten+ years we have partnered with VTS to provide data analysis for our Home Center partners.  In order to maintain and grow our business, we needed the best provider in the market and I feel that we have that in our partner VTS.  They provide so many reports that helps us to run the business day to day and identify ways to improve our business for the large home center chains.  They provide a tremendous amount of customized analysis on short notice that helps us turn negative issues into opportunities and position as a nimble supplier.


They have been critical to our ten years of continued positive business growth at these intensive customers.  At every conjecture of business change, they have accepted the changes with a positive attitude that allows us to continue to grow. They are extremely reliable and they support our company as the  relevant supplier in a world that is dependent upon data.


Their business approach, owners and analysts are of the highest quality and integrity.  We are honored to have them as our business partners.”

A.O., Director of Retail Sales

“I want to take the opportunity to say “thank you”! Working with Melody has been a pleasure for our team! The eye for detail, the sense of urgency and communication has been an outstanding experience, as she has helped tremendously with the transition.”

C. M., Director of National Accounts

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