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About Us

Vendor Team Services was founded in order to fill a unique prospect within the Home Center Industry . Due to exponential growth, large retailers need the help of vendors to analyze sales and performance. Vendors'​ expertise of their own product is unmatched elsewhere; using the power of Vendor Team Services analysts is the cutting edge way to increase profitability. By partnering retail expectations with manufacturing proficiency, Vendor Team Services fills the information pipeline. We have found a way to fill the communications niche between inventory, logistics, manufacturing, distribution, and the consumer.

New Day – New Vision

Vendor Team Services provides you all the benefits of having an analyst team without the costs associated with internal employees.  Taking the automation and expertise of Big Data and combining it with the experience of a granular-level company, we are ready to take weekly numbers and make them work for you.  Our sales department can develop the perfect service package for your company’s needs whether you need special requests or full service.  We pride ourselves in being just a direct phone call away to hear your concerns and quickly get you a solution.


Retail Analytics

Our data analytics platforms automate the collection of product supplier sales data from disparate systems either from EDI852, Excel, PDF, or a vendor portal across multiple retail partners.Our fully managed analytics platform processes your business EPOS data transforming it into visual analytics dashboards every week. Our aim is to help product suppliers spend less time extracting data and more time making business-enhancing decisions from it.

Product Content Management

Multi-channel retailers recognize the importance of accurate product content, but with tens of thousands of product pages added to their website every day by hundreds of different vendors, it’s nearly impossible to monitor all of it. On the flip side, brands are often juggling an overwhelming set of priorities, making it difficult for them to ensure each listing remains up-to-date.

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Don’t see one of your retailers? We’re adaptive! We will take on any retailer you sell to… Contact us to see how we can help!...

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